Master of Commerce in Finance and Controls is a 2-year postgraduate course 

Course Overview

The Master of Commerce in Finance and Controls (MCom Finance and Controls) is a specialized postgraduate program that focuses on the in-depth study of financial management, accounting, and control systems within an organization. Here's what you can expect:


  • Duration: 2 years (typically divided into 4 semesters)
  • Syllabus:
    • Financial and Cost Accounting
    • Management Concepts and Organizational Behavior
    • Financial Management
    • Corporate Legal Framework
    • Investment Management
    • Strategic Financial Management
    • Tax Planning and Management
    • Risk and Insurance Management
    • International Finance
    • Portfolio Management
    • Derivatives and Risk Management



  • In-Demand Skills: The program develops highly sought-after skills in financial analysis, investment strategies, risk assessment, taxation, and auditing. This makes you a valuable asset in the corporate world.
  • Specialized Knowledge: Unlike a general MCom, you'll gain deep expertise specifically in finance and controls, enhancing your competitive edge.
  • Diverse Career Paths: The course opens doors to a wide range of lucrative job profiles across various industries.
  • Advanced Degree: An MCom Finance and Controls signifies a higher level of education and expertise, potentially leading to better compensation and promotion opportunities.


Placement Opportunities

Graduates of an MCom Finance and Controls program find rewarding careers in:

  • Banking and Financial Institutions: Financial Analyst, Investment Banker, Risk Management Officer, Portfolio Manager, Credit Analyst
  • Corporations: Finance Manager, Financial Controller, Internal Auditor, Tax Consultant, Treasurer
  • Accounting and Consulting Firms: Chartered Accountant, Auditor, Business Consultant, Financial Advisor
  • Government and Regulatory Agencies: Revenue Agent, Financial Examiner, Budget Analyst
  • Research and Academia: Financial Researcher, Professor, Economist

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